Membership Profiles

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Name Company Phone
Deanne Primozic Kasim Santesys Solutions 301-807-8567
Vincent Kelly Spok, Inc. 703-269-6950
Ilene Kesselman MSD Inc. 703-281-7440 x 154
Katharine S. Klein GE Healthcare 240-535-0706
Kimberly Klein, CPHIMS mEDhealth advisors, LLC 404-558-3747
Dexter Klock CareData Trak, LLC 757-259-0004 x 1050
Shannah Koss Koss on Care LLC 202-262-7719
Bill Kotraba InterSystems 703-748-0202
David Kovach Reflection Solutions 703-980-9573
Jonathan Krasner BEI 703-528-8300 x 105