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DrFirst, Inc.
9420 Key West Ave.
Suite 230
Rockville, MD 20850
Voice: 888-271-9898 x 2859
Fax: 301-231-9512

Position Description / Responsibilities:

All financial issues facing the company.

Company / Organization Profile


Founded January 1, 2000, DrFirst, Inc. (“DrFirst” or the “Company”) has moved from idea to market leader in electronic prescription management software, with a unique focus on e-prescribing connectivity as a platform to provide additional services to providers, hospitals, payers and the pharmaceutical industry. DrFirst services are used throughout the US by approximately 15,000 physicians, 100 hospitals and medical centers, and more than 112 EHR, HIS, PMS, and HIE partners.

Today DrFirst has moved beyond categorization as a “standalone e-prescribing company” by establishing a strategy and market presence that uniquely positions it to capitalize on the healthcare market as it tips rapidly toward “meaningful use” of electronic health records (EHR).

Location(s) / Subsidiaries:

Rockville, MD and Mesa, AZ

Products / Services:

E-prescribing/MU products

Number of Employees: