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Robert Pepper  Back
Vice President Marketing, North America
Orion Health
10 Post Office Square, Suite 800N
Boston, MA 02109
Voice: 301.254.6100
Position Description / Responsibilities:
Responsible for all marketing functions across North America
Company / Organization Profile
Orion Health’s open technology platform seamlessly integrates all forms of health and relevant personal data to deliver population health and precision medicine solutions across the entire health community. Our solutions enable care for over 90 million patients in more than 30 countries across North America, EMEA and APAC. We have been recognized as the leading vendor by Chilmark and IDC through our leading vision and commitment to continual innovation.
Location(s) / Subsidiaries:
Headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand with 27 offices in 15 countries.
Products / Services:
Orion Health is a global healthcare company. Our comprehensive and integrated end-to-end solution for interoperability and population health is built on a single integrated platform with open API technology.
Number of Employees:
Over 1,250