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Erin Richter Weber  Back
CORE Associate Director, Rules and Participants Relations
1900 K St., NW, Suite 650
Washington, DC, DC 20006
Voice: 202-517-0435
Company / Organization Profile
CAQH,a non-profit alliance, is the leader in creating shared initiatives to streamline the business of healthcare. Through collaboration and innovation, CAQH accelerates the transformation of business processes, delivering value to providers, patients and health plans.
Products / Services:
• COB Smart® quickly and accurately directs coordination of benefits processes. • EnrollHub® reduces costly paper checks with enrollment for electronic payments and electronic remittance advice. • CAQH ProView® eases the burden of provider data collection, maintenance and distribution. • SanctionsTrack® delivers comprehensive, multi-state information on healthcare provider licensure disciplinary actions. • CAQH CORE® maximizes business efficiency and savings by developing and implementing national operating rules.