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INTEGRITY One Partners
1900 Campus Commons Drive
Reston, VA 20191
Voice: 703-943-0894
Fax: 703-476-7405
Position Description / Responsibilities:
Establishing the health care division; providing the Federal Government business and Information Technology (IT) healthcare consulting services. Healthcare Consulting Services focus on helping clients accelerate research bench to bedside, improve patient centric care through predictive modeling, deliver quality care at a fair price, and achieve greater mission support.

EXPERIENCE SUMMARY Ms. Carver brings to INTEGRITYOne Partners more than twenty years in the healthcare field. She has managed programs for Government agencies, private companies, and nonprofit organizations. She has secured and disbursed millions of dollars in Federal funds and managed programs implementing DoD and VA technology initiatives. She has implemented the first integrated worldwide EMR system with the DoD and HIE between DoD and VA HIE. For the HHS Oddice of the National Coordiantor, she created the National Health Inforamtion Network (NHIN) Executive Roadmap for the NHIN Program Director. Her published research spans assessing the bioavailability of metals to cutting-edge stem cell biotechnology product development for breast cancer and non-Hodgkin’s disease patients. Ms. Carver is active in professional organizations, has reviewed program grants for the National Institutes of Health, and lectured at the Latvian Medical University on the U.S. healthcare system.
Company / Organization Profile
Founded in 2001, INTEGRITYOne Partners has grown to offer a broad range of Business Consulting and Technology Solutions services in the public sector, where the firm possesses proven expertise. We retain small business status and will remain under the $25M size standard for FY2010.

The INTEGRITYOne Partners mission is to exceed clients’ expectations by building and maintaining trusted relationships and delivering integrated services that improve clients’ abilities to achieve their agencies’ mission objectives.

INTEGRITYOne Partners provides Government-focused Business and Information Technology (IT) Healthcare Consulting Services that anticipate and innovatively address Federal Agency mission needs. Our professionals average 12 years of experience and are equipped with the knowledge, wisdom, and skills to create and deliver solutions based on realistic strategies and methodologies, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative concepts.

We continually achieve high client satisfaction by partnering with our clients to develop and deliver solutions that drive mission performance. Our reputation for integrity and trust has been established by placing our client’s needs first and delivering on our commitments. Our goal is to deliver expertise across the multitude of disciplines representing the life cycle of healthcare, including healthcare policy, research and development, medical product development, translational medicine, healthcare delivery and healthcare administration.
Location(s) / Subsidiaries:
Reston, VA
Products / Services:
Our Business Consulting Services focus on helping clients accelerate business performance by delivering value-added services rapidly and cost effectively.

- Strategy
- Transformation
- Program & Project Management
- Governance

Our IT Consulting Services focus on helping clients adapt their business environment to high-performing technologies, tools and IT assets designed to streamline technical operations, reduce costs, enable flexible architecture, tighten end-to-end integration, and improve information sharing.

- Information Sharing
- Enterprise Architecture
- Service-Oriented Solutions
- Web Services
Number of Employees:
75 employees contracted to the Federal Government