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Jill D. Thorpe  Back
General Counsel and VP Strategic Initiatives
AFrame Digital
1889 Preston White Drive
Reston, VA 20191
Voice: 571-308-0147
Position Description / Responsibilities:
Ms. Thorpe leads efforts to determine and implement the company’s strategic initiatives and advance adoption of its integrated patient safety and remote health monitoring solutions through providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and payors. She is the company’s resident Affordable Care Act expert, focusing on innovative care delivery and payment models, initiatives to transform Medicaid-financed long-term care and the health insurance market. She works to establish research demonstrations of the effectiveness of care coordination models. She directs the company’s public affairs through speaking engagements, PowerPoint presentations, white papers, media communications, and sales/marketing materials. She provides thought leadership and strategic consulting to executives of senior living, long-term care, rehabilitation, primary care and home health providers. As General Counsel, Ms Thorpe structures, documents and negotiates commercial and strategic transactions, and is responsible for regulatory compliance with HIPAA privacy and security rules and the FDA Quality Standard Regulations for 510(k) medical devices.
Company / Organization Profile
AFrame Digital is a technology company specializing in research-based, innovative mobile wireless health and wellness solutions. Its commercial MobileCare Monitor™ system provides real-time, continuous health and safety monitoring of seniors, patients managing chronic conditions and other at-risk individuals. AFrame Digital’s advanced, FDA-cleared solution detects falls and issues proactive, exceptions-based status reports and alerts based on personalized wellness profiles to help caregivers quickly attend to or avert crises. The system is designed for HIPPA compliance and currently is installed in senior living, hospital, and individual home settings. Since 2005, AFrame Digital has received support from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the National Institutes of Health, and continues to work closely with medical researchers in large military treatment facilities.
Location(s) / Subsidiaries:
Reston, VA
Products / Services:
MobileCare Monitor integrated patient safety and remote health monitoring solution for seniors and patients managing chronic conditions or recovering after a post-acute discharge.
Number of Employees: