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Al Behar  Back
President & CEO
PICS, Inc.
11408 Drop Forge Lane
Reston, VA 20191
Voice: 703-758-1791
Fax: 703-758-1799
Company / Organization Profile
PICS, Inc. is a Reston, VA based R&D and marketing company specializing in the use of hand-held computers for behavior modification ( PICS is best known for its LifeSign family of consumer products for smoking cessation (, diet and exercise management ( and treatment of primary insomnia ( . PICS product development and validation has been funded in part with NIH grants and have enjoyed considerable commercial success with over 1.25 million units sold worldwide generating over $100 million dollars in sales.
Location(s) / Subsidiaries:
LifeSign Mobile, Spinoff
Products / Services:
1. QuitKey is a hand-held smoking cessation computer that utilizes behavior modification to pace the smoker through a gradual withdrawal process based on the user’s unique smoking pattern.
2. SleepKey is a small hand-held computer that uses cognitive behavioral strategies in a self-help format to treat primary insomnia.
3. DietMate is a palm-sized computer for weight loss, hypertension, and cholesterol control.
4. Certas: Configurable Electronic Real-Time Assessment System (CERTAS) is a desktop Windows program that allows researchers and clinicians to construct questionnaires of any type using a drag and drop graphical interface which provides for branching capabilities (e.g. if yes, then Q4; if no, then Q5).
5. DietMate Pro: DietMate Pro is an integration of Web and Palm-based technologies to provide dietitians and other health care professionals with a comprehensive yet flexible method for monitoring the dietary intake of their clients.
6. Therapy Advisor. An informational website that promotes the adoption of empirically-supported psychosocial treatment approaches among mental health practitioners.