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CareData Trak, LLC
460 McLaws Circle
Suite 230
Williamsburg, VA 23188
Voice: 757-259-0004 x 1050
Fax: 757-259-0086
Position Description / Responsibilities:
Run the Company
Company / Organization Profile
CareData Trak is a healthcare IT company focused on diagnostic decision support software applications dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare to the elderly and reducing the cost to providers and patients. MySeniorCare is an essential tool and new standard for organizations that deliver or facilitate healthcare to the elderly, such as retirement communities, assisted living facilities, wellness centers and other medical practices.
Products / Services:
MySeniorCare: CareData Trak delivers a self-administered, interactive web-based screening tool developed to detect common geriatric syndromes in individuals aged 55 and older that may go undetected by themselves or a healthcare professional. Common geriatric syndromes include falls, incontinence, depression, dementia, pain management, and alcoholism. Features include:

· Kiosk: Includes personal computer, touch-sensitive monitor housed in a standalone, easy-to-deploy and decorative wood cabinet. Touch screen delivers large fonts, inviting colors and the ability to touch the screen text to activate audio reading of the material.

· Screening Process: Screening questions are delivered by a clinically-validated survey module leveraging decision-tree logic to navigate content and analytical measurement of the risk for syndromes including falls, incontinence, depression, dementia, pain management, and alcoholism.

· Reporting: An individual’s screening report is delivered on paper or through a web page, which shows an at-risk result for each syndrome and displays answers to each question. Advanced web-based reporting allows healthcare providers to access data using unlimited database queries to generate reports that are useful about an individual or population.

· Compliance: HIPPA privacy compliance requirements are met through encryption of communication with servers and all personally identifiable information stored in databases. Built in sonar sensor detects the presence of a user and removes all data from the kiosk when the user steps away.

· Pricing: The subscription cost is $600 per month, per kiosk for a three-year term and includes equipment, software, installation and training. Software content and support includes four geriatric syndrome screening modules, product updates, secure web-based reporting, and help desk support services.

· Optional Content Delivery Methods: PC Tablet or Web-based. Handheld device delivery under development. Professional Services – CareData Trak offers professional services that allow healthcare providers the ability to optimize the delivery of information, survey content, and extensive reporting capabilities of MySeniorCare.

· Private Branding – The ability to customize the delivery of content to include company logo, graphical layout and color scheme to enhance healthcare provider brand.

· Customized Reporting – Easy design and delivery of reporting views that can accommodate facility and healthcare provider needs such as customized views for clinicians, administrators and/or patient family members.

· Value-Add Facility Surveys – Design and delivery of additional survey modules to collect resident and patient feedback to measure consumer and facility amenities and services.

· Educational Content – Includes wellness and healthcare educational tools and modules.
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