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Terry Wolters  Back
NotifiUs, LLC
2897 Franklin Oaks Dr.
Oak Hill, VA 20171
Voice: 703.403.3133
Position Description / Responsibilities:
Provides mobile applications for services like medication adherence. Supports continuity of care with software that reminds user when to take medication (or other key health event), queries the user if they completed the action or needs assistance, and reports user status to other people (friends, family, healthcare professional) so they can assist the user/patient.
Company / Organization Profile
NotifiUs services operate from the NotifiUs platform. It is an open standards system with a unique Dashboard for each client to develop and schedule custom SMS text and text to voice messages. Several different types of messages support different functions such as reminder, query regarding task completion, notification and alerts for patient assistance. All messaging is completed in real time.
Location(s) / Subsidiaries:
Fairfax, VA, Tampa, FL
Products / Services:
Reminder/Notification Services ( for medication adherence and appointment follow up. The NotifiUs platform can be used as a CRM tool with tracking of patient performance and reporting of results in real time.
Number of Employees: