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Paul E. Fairbanks  Back
NVS Group
1893 Metro Center Drive #230
Reston, VA 20190
Voice: 678.358.2118
Position Description / Responsibilities:
We provide innovative Tele-health Solutions dealing with communication enhancement and wide-level exposure. Our goal is to define and build a working Tele-Health bridge between the Insurance Payer, the Patient, and Medical Provider. Our group involves several companies which bring to the table multiple healthcare strengths.
Company / Organization Profile
1. NVS Group – telecommunications, policy and educational expert Dr. Lynn Chapman
2. Utah Council for Crime Prevention - National Public Safety & Education
3. Brigham Young University - Computational Health related to public safety and education
4. Florida Institute for Machine Cognition (IHMC) - Big Data, data analytics
5. Kontact Intelligence - National scale medical recruiting & retention
6. FluentSystems - Video Analytics and devices in public
Number of Employees: