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Jeff Watts  Back
Co-Founder and CEO
Apparancy Inc.
400 Mashie Drive SE
Vienna, VA 22180
Voice: (415) 505-6063
Position Description / Responsibilities:
CEO and Co-founder responsible for the growth of the business and the overall Apparancy Team as well as its key partners and contributing technologies
Company / Organization Profile
Just as TurboTax revolutionized the income tax preparation market by organizing the overwhelming and complex task of filing taxes into a series of intuitive and step by step instructions presented within a singular and easy to use interface – Apparancy will bring the same simplicity and capability to regulatory compliance and business operations. Think Like an Accountant. Seriously. Apparancy ( takes a proven technical foundation that delivered more than 50% in new efficiencies for outsourced accounting providers and “productizes” it for overall business management and compliance. Given that accounting represents a gold standard for process, controls and accountability – it is a natural transition to extend these capabilities into healthcare, regulatory compliance and other industries where security and certainty are equally valued. Apparancy will focus immediately on the 170,000 offices of the $120 billion US Dental Market as its first entry into healthcare with follow-on expansion into pediatrics and managed senior care where frequent care-giver interactions and closely managed care are highest. Apparancy’s “Many Systems. One Screen” approach is meant to eliminate the cost and complexity of user training and IT required to run business processes across multiple enterprise software applications. Once in place, each contributing system only needs to be integrated once and each user only has to learn one system. With Apparancy, teams can easily review, execute and account for the work they do across their full range of different systems through a single, intuitive and step-by-step interface on any desktop, mobile or online device they choose.
Location(s) / Subsidiaries:
Sister Company and trading partner – Corefino that pioneered the initial technology in the Outsourced Accounting and Finance Operations market. Both located in Vienna VA
Products / Services:
See above
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