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Michael Stanford  Back
Data Analyst
Del Rey Analytics
15349 Falconbridge Terrace
N. Potomac, MD 20878
Voice: 301-814-4934
Position Description / Responsibilities:
Data Analyst, SQL programming, dashboard development, Python programming, C programming, real-time programming, speech recognition software development, instructional design reporting development. Linux, Mac and Windows environments. Cybersecurity consulting.
Company / Organization Profile
Del Rey Analytics provides consulting services in health informatics and health cyber security. In addition, we are developing an integrated medical simulation environment to capture specific training events (such as using an ultrasound wand) and integrate it with a learning record store (LRS). We are also developing a speech recognition service that allows emergency medical technicians (EMT) to use hands free cell phone services en route to the emergency room. This product uses the Attention Word concept to allow the EMT to stop and start the communications without touching the mobile device.
Location(s) / Subsidiaries:
North Potomac, MD
Products / Services:
Consulting, data analytics, educational reporting, programming and medical device interoperability product development
Number of Employees: