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Waste and Inefficiency-- Where is it and how can it be addressed? -A discussion of the recent Thomson-Reuters White Paper

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Our January Health TechNet meeting featured a presentation by Bob Kelley, Vice President of Healthcare Analytics of Thomson Reuters on their recent white paper entitled "Where Can $700 Billion in Waste be Cut Annually From the U.S. Healthcare System?" 

Mr. Kelley explained how Thomson Reuters has utilized its considerable healthcare database and analytic resources to identify six key areas where waste occurs in the system, has quantified how much waste each represents, and indicated ways it can be addressed without diminishing the quality of care. This is a very important, objective and non-partisan report to which state and federal policy-makers are reacting with much interest. 

In addition, we had a brief presentation from one of our members, Andrew Barbash, M.D., representing mHealth Initiative, who provided us with an overview of the mHealth Revolution that is stimulating participatory health by increasing access to both healthcare delivery and information , improving patient-provider relationships, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and more. 

An update on the new ARRA regulations released on December 30, as well as on the state of Congressional Healthcare Reform legislation was provided by David Main and Suniti Ponkshe.

Mr. Kelley's presentation is attached.