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Development and Commercialization of Mobile Apps

1/18/13  Back

Our focus this month was on the development and commercialization of mobile apps, which are playing an increasingly important role in personal health, provider efficiency and effectiveness, and payment and reimbursement.  Our last session on this topic was so popular that we decided to continue the discussion at a deeper level.  One of our speakers was Jason Brooke, who is COO of Vasoptic Medical in Baltimore, a consultant on the development of medical devices and mobile health technology, and a guest lecturer at Johns Hopkins. Richard Singerman also gave a brief update on an award TrustNet MD won from Johns Hopkins relating to their work on mobile apps. Doug Goldstein of iConecto, along with representatives from Getwell Network, further discussed the expansion of connectivity and patient education through mobile apps. 

On a separate but related note, we also provided information and analysis of healthcare provisions that were included in the recent fiscal cliff legislation, as well as what we can expect in the coming year in health laws and regulations