Past Meetings

Uses of Data in Clinical Trials and at CMS, featuring Senior Officials from both agencies. Also Provider Adoption of New Technology.

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Our January Health TechNet meeting focused on provider adoption of IT and use of data by the FDA.  The meeting featured several distinguished speakers, including Dr. Vicki Seyfert-Margolis from the FDA Commissioner's office and Dr. David Hunt, who is Medical Director, Office of Provider Adoption & Support at the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC).  They were joined by Rich Parker, Vice President of Business Development  from The Breakaway Group (recently purchased by Xerox), which uses simulation technology to train clinicians on electronic health records.

Dr. Seyfert-Morgolis, who is the Senior Advisor for Science Innovation and Policy to the FDA Commissioner, discussed personalized medicine, scientific computing and informatics, and the use of data in clinical trials.  Dr. Hunt, who spent a number of years in the quality assurance offices of CMS, discussed his work in fostering adoption of IT in the provider community by ONC.  Finally, the Breakaway group discussed the different problem-solving approaches they are taking in EMR adoption.
The presentations of the speakers were followed by an active discussion among our members.
Presentations of the speakers are attached.