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Use of AI in Mental Health; 2023 trends in Congress and Health Policy

1/20/23  Back

Our January Health TechNet meeting was an in-person event held at Nelson Mullins’ offices in Washington, D.C.

Our highlighted speaker was Farrokh Alemi, PhD, who presented a draft business plan for a new company focused on using Artificial Intelligence to help diagnose and treat depression. Dr. Alemi presented the research behind this venture at HealthTechNet about a year ago and is now leading an effort to form a company to commercialize the technology. This tech-driven approach to identifying effective antidepressants represents a potentially revolutionary way to approach the treatment of depression and would be a pioneering approach to this malady. In addition to presenting a draft of the plan, Dr. Alemi sought feedback and advice on the plan, proposed business approach, and assessment of market potential. Dr. Alemi is a Professor of Health Informatics in the College of Public Health at George Mason University and has presented frequently at HealthTechNet. He has raised over $17 million in venture capital for other university-based research projects.

David Main led a discussion of the likely top health policy issues in 2023 and the outlook for Congress under its new configuration and leadership.

A recording of the meeting can be found here:

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