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Healthcare Technology, Physician Integration and Joint Ventures - Changes at CMS

2/20/09  Back

Our February Health TechNet meeting focused on a summary and detailed discussion of the provisions of the stimulus bill relating to Health IT, including incentive payments, grants, and loans. Mr. David Main, Chair of the Healthcare practice, of Pillsbury provided a presentation on the key provisions of the Healthcare Stimulus Package and what it means for our industry.

The meeting also featured the presentations of Dr. Sean Khozin, VP of Medical Affairs, and Steven Ferguson, VP of Product Development, of Myca Health Inc.. They discussed the new technologies to enhance the relationship between physicians and patients. Myca is a software company that recently opened Hello Health, an innovative, consumer-oriented primary care practice. This new subscription-based practice uses the Myca Platform as both health professionals' and patients' "dashboard of primary care." By mixing in-person office visits, text messages, email, and video chat, Hello Health helps build closer doctor-patient relationships and saves time, money, and paperwork. Myca is also working with a number of hospitals across the US to implement changes in physician-patient relationships.

Materials relating to the presentations are attached.