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Focus on Anesthesia Technology

2/21/03  Back

The meeting began with the discussion of current issue related to the teenage patient at Duke University Hospital who received two organ transplants because the first one was incompatible. The group discussed issues related to lack of adequate “system” to have appropriate checks and balances to avoid such grave errors.

There were two presentations on HIPAA offerings. David Main discussed some housekeeping topics.

The meeting then focused on the main topic, state of Anesthesia Information Systems in the market today. Suniti Ponkshe introduced the topic that there is very low penetration of technology in Anesthesia. Las year market saw activity in purchase of surgery systems and this year the focus seems to be on anesthesia systems. Three vendors presented their products, DocuSys, Eko Systems and PICIS.

1. DocuSys provides a peri-operative system which includes integration between OR an medication management. It includes software and a device that combines bar code an digital imagine to automatically captures the drug administration data.

2. Eko Systems provides peri-operative system as well as perfusion system. It includes software and proprietary device to capture data.

3. PICIS provides a comprehensive solution to surgery services i.e., they provide a surgery system as well as an anesthesia system. So, institutions can use a common system from scheduling through pre-op and post-op.

David closed the meeting with announcement for the next meeting.