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Unveiling the Future of Care: Building Toward Interoperable EHR Data for Better Health

2/23/24  Back

Our February meeting of Health TechNet was held on Friday, February 23, from noon to 2 pm at Nelson Mullins, with an option to participate virtually as well. The feature topic was "Unveiling the Future of Care: Building Toward Interoperable EHR Data for Better Health.” Thanks to Dr. Joe Bormel for arranging this excellent program.

For those who are tired of fragmented information hindering whole-person care, we explored how advancements in interoperable EHR data are propelling us towards a future of truly comprehensive care planning for patients with multiple chronic conditions.


  • Smoother collaboration: Data flows seamlessly across providers, reducing care gaps and paving the way for improved quality.
  • Empowered patients: Individuals actively participate in their care with clear, standardized health information readily available.
  • Personalized treatment: Actionable insights from aggregated data inform more effective treatment plans and better health outcomes.

While we haven't magically solved all interoperability challenges, our expert speakers, Jenna Norton (Program Director, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases) and Arlene Bierman (Director, Center for Evidence and Practice Improvement, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality), unveiled the latest standards and tools that are laying the groundwork for this exciting vision.

The discussion focused on discovering how these innovations can contribute to greater health equity and unlock the potential for truly coordinated, whole-person care.