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The Growing Impact of Consumerism in Electronic Health Care Systems; and an Update on the Implementation of Open Source Vista in Physician Offices

3/17/06  Back

In light of our active discussion at our February meeting of the role of the consumer in the transformation of health care IT, we made it the primary topic of our March meeting, along with an update on the implementation of the Vista system in physician offices.

Dr. Andy Barbash facilitated a discussion of the changing relationship of the consumer to technology relating to their healthcare decisions. We also focused on the changing roles and accountabilities of the consumer in relation to healthcare, considering the consumer in the broad sense-- with clinicians, patients, and family caregivers being viewed as "consumers" of evolving technologies. Also joining us as resources for this discussion was Brion Foley of NVCC and Allison Rein of the National Consumers League.
We also revisited the topic of the implementation of Vista systems in physician offices, a once-heralded advance. We discussed how this important evolution is progressing and barriers that remain.