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Telemedicine Developments During the Pandemic

3/19/21  Back

Our March 19th meeting, which was a Zoom call, focused on telemedicine developments during the pandemic.

The topic of the meeting was: Insights into how Telemedicine has evolved for patients and providers as a result of the pandemic. The last year has had a significant effect on the nature of medical visits with many more physicians using telehealth methods to assist and treat their patients. The program explored the effect on Kaiser Permanente’s telehealth program with Dr. Dennis Truong, Regional Telemedicine and Mobility Director, along with Dr. Jason Singh, an internal medicine physician also with Kaiser Permanente, who told us how the program has directly affected his practice, his patients and the way he treats them. In addition, Jerrod Ullah, CEO of Health Talk AI, discussed Health Talk’s patient engagement program which is changing the way patients and healthcare organizations connect.

A recording of the meeting can be found here: