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The State of Data Analytics and How They Are Being Used in Provider Strategic Planning

3/21/14  Back

Our March 21 meeting of Health TechNet was held at Teqcorner in McLean, VA and the focus was on how advanced data analytics are being used in hospital strategic planning. For years, one of the biggest challenges in the world of big data has been how to use data productively. Now, with newer tools, hospitals and other institutions are finding ways to utilize data analytics to not only to improve performance but also to plan for the future.

Our primary speakers were 1) Dr. Richard Berkowitz, Chief Medical Officer of Premier Inc., and previously Vice President and Medical Director for Premier Healthcare Informatics 2) Dr. Stephen Bandeian, Senior Scientist, Officer of the Director, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), where he has led several important data analytics initiatives, and 3) Simon Fital, Co-founder and CEO of Galileao Analytics. (Due to the wishes of the speakers, their presentations are not posted on the website.)

Update on Investor Day. The Health TechNet Investor Day scheduled for March 13 was a big success. We had over 60 early stage companies and over 20 investors sign up to participate in this event, matching investors with companies in a series of individual meetings throughout the day. We were especially pleased that MedStar’s Institute for Innovation was a primary supporter, and that the participants also included representatives from DHHS, the D.C. Government, the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority, the Department of the Army, and others. The event was organized in collaboration with the Nashville Entrepreneur Center and Nelson Mullins, whom coordinated the challenging logistics. Special thanks to the planning committee within Health TechNet that included Jim Oakes, David Hall, Phil Cooke, Deanne Kasim, April Young, Brian Canaan, and Taylor Devine.