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Metadata and AI Analytics

3/25/22  Back

Our March Health TechNet meeting was an in-person event at Nelson Mullins and focused on healthcare data and AI analytics to improve health.

If data is the language upon which our modern society will be built, then metadata will be its grammar, the construction of its meaning, the building for its content, and the ability to understand what data can be for us all. We are just starting to bring change into the management of the data that connects our experiences.  The path to good metadata design begins with the realization that digital assets need to be identified, organized, and made available for discovery. Metadata matters and is the best chance for a return on investment on digital assets and is also a line of defense against lost opportunities. It matters to the digital experience of users. It helps organizations ensure that users can identify, discover, and experience their brands in the ways organizations intend.

We had three speakers on this topic, kindly arranged by our member Doug Goldstein:

  1. Buzz Stewart PhD, who shared and also demonstrated his Medcurio application for real time access to EPIC without violating EPIC IP. See
  2. Chuck Wood, health IT executive now at EXL Health, who shared his insights on the true cost of health. See
  3. Shawn Dastmalchi, PhD, who talked about his experience as CEO and founder of Apixio (sold to Centene last year) and his health data expertise and experience.