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New Developments and Trends in Health-Related Mobile Apps

4/15/16  Back

Our monthly meeting of Health TechNet was held on Friday, April 15, from noon to 2 pm at TeqCorner in Tyson's Corner, Virginia.

The feature topic was a discussion of new developments and trends in health-related mobile apps.  In addition to exploring current trends in new app development, we discussed the data gathering capabilities of mobile apps, how that data is integrated into patient care by different types of providers, how secure the data is, and how the data and the use of apps is being regulated at both the state and federal levels, e.g. by the FDA.  We had a panel of speakers from our membership, including healthcare futurist Doug Goldstein, healthcare consultant Joe Bormel, M.D., Shahid Shah of Netspective, and others who are with local mobile app companies.  We also heard from Roy Wyman, a partner in Nelson Mullins' Nashville office, who is following developing mobile app companies and current regulatory trends. This topic was of special interest following our last meeting's tour of Kaiser Permanente's Center for Total Health and its focus on the use of mobile technology for patient care, prevention, and wellness.