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Behavioral Health is Health

4/16/21  Back

Our April 16th meeting, which was a Zoom call, focused on mental health issues during and after the Coronavirus pandemic.

During the meeting, we discussed how behavioral health should be a 'Carve-in' not a 'Carve-out' to overall health and medical care across health systems, health plans and employer ecosystems. The speakers explored the challenges of addressing the mental health pandemic that has grown as a result of COVID19 and other vectors: isolation, “Zoom-itis,” anxiety, depression, lack of sleep and addictions. They shared their efforts to deliver engaging and effective solutions that have demonstrated the ability to improve the health status of individuals, families and communities.

The faculty for the program Included:

  • Murray Zucker, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Risa Greendlinger, MPA, SVP from Happify Health, a global healthcare platform that combines digital therapeutics and care delivery solutions to improve mental health, physical health and well-being.
  • Kristin Muhler, CEO, Affect Therapeutics, which is changing the way the world treats stimulant addiction using mobile technology to deliver the first evidence-based, substance-specific program for methamphetamine and cocaine use disorder.
  • Richard Mockler, Partner, TranscendIT Health and former SVP, Sanvello Health, a leading digital mental health care provider and the company’s digital platform that holds the #1 search position for stress and anxiety in the App stores.
  • Richard Wright, MHA, Chief Business Development Officer, e-Psychiatry, a leader in behavioral health reimagined delivering a complete telepsych, digital health and disease management program for all mental health and substance use conditions (invited)

A recording of the meeting can be found here: