Past Meetings

The Joint Medical Record System of the VA and DOD: Issues of Interoperability

4/18/08  Back

Our April Health TechNet meeting focused on the challenges of interoperability, which it is a problem that continues to plague both the private sector and the U.S. military, among others.

The meeting featured the presentation of Denise Tingle, Senior Associate at Bozz Allen Hamilton, who provided us with an overview of the problems of health information interoperability and where they commonly occur. She discussed the importance of interoperability by covering the key components and initiatives that are occurring at the federal and state/local levels. Her presentation also addressed common issues among the various stakeholders involved in the delivery of healthcare and provided a case study from the National Cancer Institute to demonstrate the importance and impact interoperability has on cancer research. 

David Main, Chair of the healthcare practice at Pillsbury, provided us with a Washington Update presentation on recent political developments affecting the healthcare industry.

These presentations were followed by a thorough discussion of other matters of interest to the Washington area technology community.

Presentations of the speakers are attached.