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Open Source Information Technology for Physicians and Practices and Institutions

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There currently is considerable interest in Open Source /Linux technologies, which purport to make internet -based solutions available for a fraction of the cost of commercial applications. At this meeting, the subject was discussed in depth, with presentations on 1) why and in what form open source applications are gaining greater use in the health care industry; 2) the Medsphere OpenVista system, similar to the Veterans Administration system, for health system administration; and 3) the Ethidium wireless electronic medical record system that is based on open source products. Doug Goldstein, Strategist for eHealthcare, offered further information and comments on open source applications based on his experience with such applications. 

1. Roger Maduro
Managing Director, Linux Infrastructure
Open Source/Linux Solutions for the Health Care industry

BIO: Roger A. Maduro is a founder and managing director of Linux 
Infrastructure, LLC (LxIS) a company focused on providing end-to-end IT 
solutions based on open source/Linux technologies. He was formerly director 
of systems architecture at Winstar Telecommunications where he designed a 
led the implementation of a series of successful open source/Linux projects 
starting in 1997.

PRESENTATION ABSTRACT: The open source/Linux model is being rapidly adopted in multiple 
industries, from Hollywood where it is run at all major production studios 
to all the major Wall Street firms. This new model offers compelling 
benefits to the health care industry. It offers an affordable IT 
infrastructure and an ideal integration engine for health care entities. In 
addition a large number of health-care specifics applications are being 

2. Scott Shreeve, M.D.
Medsphere Systems Corporation

BIO: Chief Medical Officer

PRESENTATION ABSTRACT: Medsphere Systems Corporation is an innovative healthcare 
information technology company and the leading provider of OpenVista 
technology, support and services. The OpenVista platform manages all the 
clinical, financial, and administrative data for integrated delivery 
networks, hospitals, clinics, and physician offices.

The platform is touted for its flexibility and functionality across the 
continuum of care and can be delivered in a hosted model. Medsphere also 
sponsors the open source development of the code base to ensure a 
standards-based, technically robust, and secure system with a clear ROI for 
healthcare organizations.

3. Matias Klein
Ethidium Health Systems

BIO: Matias Klein is the President and Chief Technology Officer of Ethidium 
Health Systems. Mr. Klein left medical school in 1999 and founded EHS 
after becoming disenchanted with the state of medical information management

PRESENTATION ABSTRACT: Ethidium's wireless Electronic Medical Record (wEMR) is the 
world's first electronic
medical record appliance. Simply plugging the unit into an existing 
network gives clinicians instant access to all their patients' medical 
records from anywhere, at anytime, and on any device. Because of the 
wEMR's network-based architecture and its integrated stack of high-quality 
open-source software products, the acquisition costs and total cost of 
ownership of Ethidium's wEMR is considerably lower than the majority of 
commercial EMR products. Matias will demonstrate the wEMR's document 
management system, task-based workflow engine, and point-of-care encounter 
documentation and order-entry tools.