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The Status, Challenges and Outlook for the State-Run Health Insurance Exchanges

4/25/14  Back

Our April 25 meeting was held at Nelson Mullins’ D.C. office and focused on the status, challenges and outlook for the state-run health insurance exchanges. Many have done rather well, and others-- in some cases surprisingly-- are having serious troubles to say the least. We discussed the issues they are facing, what factors differentiate the good from the bad, and what the future holds at the state level. Our primary speakers were Suniti Ponkshe and her colleagues from Accenture, which has been deeply involved in both the federal and state exchanges; and Rob Nation is a Director of Client Services at Truven Health Analytics. Accenture has been deeply involved in the operations of both the federal and state exchanges, and Truven has been focusing in particular on data collection and analysis, and the challenges facing CMS with IT management in connection with the exchanges and in other arenas.
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