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The Role of Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) In Dealing with COVID-19

5/15/20  Back

Our May 15 meeting of HealthTechNet, which was a Zoom call, focused on “The Role of Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) In Dealing with COVID-19.”    

As our experience continues to evolve with handling the Coronavirus, the need for information-sharing among healthcare providers is proving to be more and more important. Several Health Information Exchanges are finding ways to provide great value in this environment.

Our speakers included Craig Behm, who is the Maryland Executive Director of CRISP (Chesapeake Regional Information System for Our Patients), an HIE that serves Maryland and the Greater Washington area. We also heard from Jaime Bland, DNP,RN, who is the CEO of NEHII (the Nebraska Health Information Initiative). Nebraska is facing special challenges as a result of the outbreaks in the meat-packing industry.

A link to a recording of the session is below.