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Evolving Models of Primary Care: Technology, Reimbursement Pressures, Aggregation

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Our May Health TechNet meeting focused on Changes to the Primary Care Physicians' Practice in these difficult times of adjusting to lowered reimbursement rates, increasing administrative demands, difficulties in dealing with insurers and utilization review requirements, trends toward bundling of treatments and payments, and many other factors that are challenging the viability of the current primary care model.

The meeting featured the presentations of Phoebe Stapleton of InterSystems Corporation, along with a panel of physicians including Dr. Andrew Barbash, neurologist and medical director of the Stroke Program and Neurosciences at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring and a long-time leader in developing HIT strategies for physicians; Dr. Michael Ross, Chief Executive of E-P Therapeutics and practicing physician in obstetrics and pediatrics for 27 years before entering the pharmaceutical industry; and Dr. Robert Smith, founder of Finger Lakes Family Care. As a lead physician in the Rochester Medical Home Initiative, Dr. Smith has developed innovations in e-health as well as new technologies for communicating with patients and medical colleagues. Finger Lakes Family Care is a Level 3 NCQA Patient Centered Medical Home.

The speakers provided us with an overview on the driving factors affecting primary care, including 1) economics, 2) administrative burdens, 3) physician's preferences, 4) patient complaints and preferences, and 5) the role of technology in coping with these trends.

The presentations of the speakers were followed by an active discussion among our members in Northern Virginia as well as in San Francisco from Pillsbury's offices there. Available presentations are attached. 

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