Past Meetings

Special Issues in Recruiting and Retaining Personnel for Health Technology Companies

6/15/01  Back

The June 15 meeting featured a panel discussion on the subject of hiring and retaining employees, including generational differences among worker age groups, shortage areas, management perspectives, incentive plans, teamwork issues, and attracting technicians to healthcare, as opposed to other fields. Workforce issues are currently a major problem in the health care industry, and the meeting presented an opportunity to think through some of the problems and potential solutions. 

The panel consisted of three excellent and very experienced speakers: 1) JAMES HAMILL, currently President and CEO of the Washington County Health System in Hagerstown (previously he held the same position with Holy Cross Hospital, as well as being with Quintiles for several years), 2) PETER VANDERGRINTEN, President of QuadraMed's Enterprise Division (previously Compucare), and 3) DON BISKIN, head of health care recruiting for the Washington area office of Heidrick & Struggles. 

In addition to the panel presenters, Brion Umidi of Umidi and Company gave a brief presentation on capital financing alternatives based upon his experience with several public and privately held health technology companies.

Attached is the final version of the press release issued in May 2001, per the group's discussions at the May 2001 meeting, calling upon the government to assist with the development of new technology for the health care field.