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Making Pitches to Funding Sources: Case Studies on the Do's and Don'ts

6/16/06  Back

Our June meeting of Health TechNet focused on the do's and don'ts of making pitches to investors-- what they want to hear about, and how they want to see it presented, in order to attract their interest and obtain their money. This is of course a key concern of all growing technology companies and an area of some mystery to most.
As our speakers, we had several representatives of the investor community, including Mr. Al Palombo of Cameron Associates in New York City. Cameron Associates, Inc. is a leading independent investor relations firm that has established solid relationships with investment professionals throughout the country. Founded in 1976 by Wall Street professionals, the firm provides strategic counsel to companies that need guidance in achieving key business goals, such as improved visibility and reputation in the equity markets, proper positioning of complex financial transactions, and communicating critical corporate issues. Al specializes in helping developing companies prepare for making successful contact with potential investment sources. The basic premise of the presentation surrounded the following concepts: Building trust, expressing the passion behind an idea, the appropriate management of expectations, delivering on those expectations, and communicating with consistency and persistence. Al's PowerPoint for this presentation is attached. Al can be reached at (212) 554-5488 or and his website at

Also speaking were Don Rainey of Intersouth Partners, Christine Copple of Starise Ventures, and Gary Golding of the Edison Venture Fund, all telling us what investors are looking for and providing tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of capital raising presentations. "