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Medical Grade Wearable Technology

6/16/17  Back

Our June 16 meeting of Health TechNet focused on the growing industry of wearable sensors and other technology for diagnostics, monitoring, treatment and other aspects of patient care.   

Our speakers included Jenny Regan, CEO of Key Tech in Baltimore. Key Tech designs and develops medical, industrial and consumer products using novel sensors, wireless, ultrasound, microfluidics, optics and robotics. They are often the engineers behind other companies’ products as well. We also heard from Abhijit Dasgupta of Zansors, which makes wearable sensors and apps that capture bio-signals for a personalized approach to health in the treatment of sleep apnea, cognitive behavioral therapy, and other health conditions.  The other presentation was    from Jean and Michael Stanford with Del Ray Analytics. 

We continued our discussion of, and received updates on changes in federal healthcare policy in Congress and the Executive Branch resulting from the change of administration and legislative developments on Capitol Hill.