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Feature Topic: Mobile Computing and its Applications to Healthcare

6/17/05  Back

June's meeting featured presentations on mobile health, which is becoming
an important issue for many providers a special challenge to the
implementation of e-health initiatives across the country.

As wireless technology is becoming more desirable, institutions are faced
with a challenge of supporting multiple wireless solutions because each
software vendor offers a wireless solution to support its own product. So
it is becoming important for institutions to take a global view related to
mobility in healthcare and determine how to offer a single solution for
their users. To address this issue, we had two speakers and a solution
overview. Darren Crane, general manager for Daou system, discussed mobile
health from the provider perspective; and Glenn Roland, founder of VIANETIX
Inc., spoke about mobility in the pharmaceutical industry. There was also a
presentation of a unique mobile solution in high acuity area.

(Copies of presentation materials are attached below)

*** "Emerging Opportunities for Mobile" by Glenn Roland, founder of VIANETIX Inc.

*** "Mobility in Provider Healthcare" by Darren Crane, General Manager for Daou System