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New Priorities of the Leapfrog Group, Including Quality Measurement

6/18/04  Back

Our June meeting featured a presentation by Mr. Greg Belden from The Leapfrog Group, updating us on its activities over the last couple of years. Leapfrog was founded by the Business Roundtable and now features corporate membership of over 150 Fortune 500 companies with more than 34 million employees spending over $60 billion annually on health care benefits. Mr. Belden’s presentation included a summary of Leapfrog's recent activities, comments on the healthcare industry's move towards CPOE, recent government sponsorship of Electronic Health Records, and thoughts about strategies to accelerate the move towards CPOE. For Mr. Belden’s PowerPoint presentation, see below.

We also received an update on the activities of Health Tech Net’s new committee on the National Health Information Infrastructure and its efforts to work with DHHS in moving this project forward. (see summary of May meeting)