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Tracking Health and Wellness - The Uses of Technology in Treating Autism

6/20/08  Back

Our June Health TechNet meeting focused on several topics, including healthcare venture capital investments, and healthcare technology to improve health and wellness.

The meeting featured the presentations of Charles Gleason, CEO of Liberty Ventures International, who provided us with an overview on the current climate and expectations for healthcare investments, including advice for companies seeking venture capital. Michael O'Neil, Founder and CEO of GetWellNetwork, provided us with an overview on their interactive health information and management systems in hospitals to help patients manage their disease and health conditions through TV monitors in patient rooms. And, finally, Maria Papageorgiou-Porter, Senior Speech Language Pathologist; Joanna Ingham, Teacher, and Melissa Hennessy, Occupational Therapist from the Kennedy Krieger Montgomery County Autism Program, provided us with a presentation on treatments for children with autism as well as new technologies for working with children on behavior, communication, and social skills, among other treatment initiatives.

Presentations of the speakers are attached.