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Feature Topic: The VistA Electronic Medical Record System in the U.S. and Abroad

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July's meeting focused on the Veterans Administration's VistA electronic
medical records system, which is regarded by many as the most advanced of
its kind in the world. It is in use in many foreign countries as well as
for the nation's veterans, and is truly impressive from both a
technological and patient care standpoint when its capabilities are fully

With the federal government's push toward electronic health records and its
efforts to offer affordable solutions to the health care industry, VA's
VistA system has received high visibility in the recent months.
Collaboration between CMS and the VA has resulted in an ambulatory version
of VistA, "Office VistA EHR," as an affordable solution for physician

There were two primary speakers to discuss VistA for acute care
organizations and Office VistA EHR for the ambulatory market. Dr. Rob
Koloder, Acting Veterans Affairs Chief Health Informatics Officer (CHIO)
discussed VistA within the VA (running in 163 hospitals, over 850 clinics
and many nursing homes). Cynthia Wark, CMS project manager for VistA Office
EHR discussed that product, the pilot's status and future plans. There was
also a panel discussion about other organizations surrounding VistA, real
life implementations of these products in the private sector in the U.S.,
as well as in the international market. That portion will included Barbara
Boykin from the VistA Software Alliance, Suniti Ponkshe discussing VistA
deployment in Oklahoma and Midlands, and Roger Maduro discussing VistA
deployment in foreign countries.

(Copies of presentation materials are attached below)

*** "VistA within the VA (running in 163 hospitals, over 850 clinics and many nursing homes)" by Robert M. Kolodner, MD, Acting Deputy CIO for Health & Acting Chief Health Informatics Officer

*** "VistA-Office EHR" by CAPT Cynthia Wark, Deputy Director, Information Systems Group, Office of Clinical Standards and Quality Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services