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Capital Financing for Washington Area Bio Technology Companies - Ed Rudnic of Advancis Pharmaceutical

7/16/04  Back

The feature presenter at the July meeting was Edward M. Rudnic, Ph.D., who updated us on the recent successes of Advancis Pharmaceutical Corporation and discussed current trends in the venture capital community.

Dr. Rudnic is the Chairman, President and CEO of Advancis, which specializes in developing and commercializing pulsatile drug products that fulfill unmet needs in the treatment of infectious disease. The company focuses on the use of antibiotics in addressing the resistance patterns of bacteria. Dr. Rudnic led Advancis through a successful initial public offering last October and is widely respected for the quality of the company he has built and his familiarity with the capital financing environment in the life sciences arena. He is also the incoming Chair of the Maryland BioScience Alliance and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Maryland Technology Council.

Vicky Looney, the President of ACEncrypt Solutions, also gave a "ten-minute update" on a new internet data security system called "AlphaCipher Encryption Software." The group gave her some feedback on its potential applications to the healthcare field.

We also heard updates on other topics of interest to the technology community and on the work of our various committees, including our new initiative on the National Health Information Infrastructure