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Patient Involvement and Engagement through the use of technology

9/16/16  Back

Our September 16 meeting of Health TechNet was held on at Nelson Mullins’ offices in Washington, D.C.


The feature topic was a discussion of patient involvement and engagement through the use of technology. The program was led by Michael O’Neil, CEO of GetWell Network, which provides a range of patient engagement and education products to hospital and healthcare systems.  Michael says that he realized the importance of patient engagement when he became a cancer patient in 1999. He founded GetWell Network on the belief that a more active and involved patient is a better patient. Michael provided insights into how improving patient outcomes are possible through active patient and family involvement. In addition to its own products, GetWell serves as an incubator and provides start-up companies with infrastructure and market expertise.


One of those companies is Baby Scripts, which is focuses on providing a tool kit for pregnant mothers. Juan Pablo Segura, the Co-Founder and CFO of Baby Scripts, joined in this presentation to offer his own insights into the topic of patient engagement.