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Qualcomm's Joint Venture with Verizon (and other new developments in wireless healthcare technology)

9/19/03  Back

Health Tech Net’s September meeting began with general announcements from members and a review of the topics of upcoming meetings. The Capital Financing Committee had had its inaugural meeting and decided its focus would be to serve members by providing information regarding sources of capital and by offering to coach members about the funding search process. 

Kevin Green, Managing Partner of TripleTree Customized Investment Banking, spoke about emerging themes in health care technology. Specifically, he discussed the increasing collaboration between health care and technology providers, saying “over the last couple of years . . .I have seen more collaboration between strange bedfellows than ever imagined. [There is] growing evidence that the role of traditional players and probably new players is going to continue to increase in the next few years.” Mr. Green also discussed the paradigm shift in the consumer’s role in health care from a passive receiver to an active decision maker.

Don Jones, Vice President of Business Development in the Healthcare division of QUALCOMM, spoke about the healthcare-related strategic, corporate, and business development initiatives at QUALCOMM. He provided an up-to-the-minute account of the technology available to the healthcare community, including Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and the latest uses for mobile devices. He explained several of the latest wireless healthcare solutions, such as the all-in-one Cardionet EKG monitor and telephone, which is a mobile cardiac telemetry monitoring platform that allows the patient 24-hour freedom. This device has cut hospital costs because the patient may now be monitored as an outpatient rather than an inpatient. He also addressed security issues that may arise from the use of wireless services to transmit patient data. Overall, Mr. Jones presented some exciting new ways that healthcare costs can be lowered while patient care is improved.