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The Rapidly Evolving Products, Patient Care Techniques, and Regulatory Developments in Telemedicine

9/19/14  Back

Our September 19 meeting of Health TechNet was held at Teqcorner in McLean, VA and focused on the rapidly evolving products, patient care techniques, and regulatory developments in the exciting world of telemedicine. We had two primary speakers who led the discussion, as well as audience participation to share observations and experience of other members. Mike Baird, who is CEO of Avizia in Reston, spoke about their range of products and services. Founded in April 2013, Avizia Inc. was started by former Cisco employees from a highly successful business unit that created technology products and services to serve the unique requirements of the rapidly growing healthcare and education industries. Their mission is to improve access to healthcare and education through the creative application of advanced communications technologies. Avizia maintains a strong relationship with Cisco and features Cisco TelePresence Technology in its products. Also presenting was Rob Pepper, who is the CEO of NeuroTrax, which performs neurocognitive assessments for brain health using a SaaS business model. Founded in 2000, NeuroTrax is a US-based company (DC area) with a research and development subsidiary in Israel. NeuroTrax’s products assess cognitive brain function based on scientific and medical research focused on delivering improved patient outcomes. In June 2014, they launched “BrainCare”, a cognitive rehabilitation product for monitoring stroke and traumatic brain injury patients. The company’s clients include large medical practices, hospitals, universities, pharmaceutical companies and the US military. NeuroTrax is utilizing telemedicine to administer cognitive testing and analysis in new and unique ways. Rob previously was an executive at VISICU and Philips in related telemedicine endeavors and served as CMO for SoftMed/3M Health Information Services. David Main of Nelson Mullins also gave a presentation on current trends and initiatives in the world of large healthcare systems and political developments potentially affecting the mid-term Congressional elections.