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Healthcare Documentation: Information Capture and Reporting

9/20/02  Back

Claudia Tessier, co-chair of the Consensus Workgroup on Health Information Capture and Report Generation, presented a summary of the findings of the report prepared by the workgroup: Healthcare Documentation: A Report on Information Capture and Report Generation. 

The presentation highlighted the workgroup's review and assessment of:
* Information capture and report generation methods (handwriting, speech, direct input, etc.)
* Impact of healthcare documentation on patient safety, public safety, continuity of care, economics, and clinical research and outcomes analysis.
* The Essential Principles of Healthcare Documentation and how the different info capture methods measure up against them.
* Recommendations for action by government, accreditation agencies, healthcare organizations, standards development organizations, etc.

Dan Peterson of Cereplex presented on SETNET, their new application that helps hospitals track and address hospital-acquired infections and
antibiotic resistance. Visit for more information on Cereplex and its healthcare applications.