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Technology to Combat the Covid Pandemic

10/16/20  Back

Our October 16 meeting, which was a Zoom call, focused on how the public health sector is using technology to combat the Coronavirus pandemic.

We heard remarks on this subject from Joe Paulini, Founder and CEO of Chexout. In February of 2020, Chexout rapidly adapted its software to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic; and with CDC and state’s input, it has continued evolving software to meet the unique needs of COVID contact tracing and data management.

Chexout is a SaaS primarily serving Public Health working in infectious disease prevention and control. Chexout works with state, territory, county, city and local health departments from Hawaii to the US Virgin Islands to streamline operations, maximize resources and get patients into care fast. Chexout provides end-to-end services including registration, results notifications and patient portal, triage alerts, scheduling, eCharts, lab ordering and results, case/investigation management, disease surveillance, contact tracing, data management, data reporting for state and Federal Electronic Disease Surveillance and other related services.

We also heard from other experts in the area who talked about the possibilities and limitations of data analysis as we work through the pandemic. They included Jennifer Bordenick, CEO of eHealth Initiative; Farrokh Alemi, PhD, Professor, George Mason University Department of Health Administration and Policy; Jill DeGraph, Managing Partner of Aperture Law Group; and Tom Jackson, Technologies Solutions Group (

Please see this link for a recording of the meeting: