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Life After Brailer at DHHS and Potential Changes in Congressional Health Policy after the Elections

10/20/06  Back

Rob Kolodner from the Veterans Administration has been named to replace David Brailer as the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology, after a series of internal administration discussions about the future role of, and responsibilities for that position. At our meeting on Friday, October 20, we discussed this transition with Dr. Kolodner, who participated in the meeting via conference telephone. We also discussed the future of RHIOs under this new structure. David Main of Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, along with former DHHS Secretary Richard Schweiker, also gave a presentation on the likely health care priorities of the Congress and the Executive Branch after the election. This included an update on the new codes being implemented by many hospitals (most recently Stanford University) relating to inducements and other compensation from vendors, a fraud and abuse priority.