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Barriers to the Implementation of Electronic Medical Records and Academic Training for the Use of Technology

11/16/07  Back

Our November Health TechNet meeting focused on the ongoing challenges to the implementation of electronic medical records and electronic decision support as well as the extent to which medical students are, and are not, receiving EMR training in medical school.

The meeting featured the presentations of Suniti Ponkshe, IBM; Christine Bechtel, eHealth Initiative; and Syed Tirmizi, Veterans Health Administration. Ms. Ponkshe and Ms. Bechtel provided us with an overview of the status of industry implementation of electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical records (EMR), challenges and barriers to implementation, as well as the current measures and resources available to move these innovations forward. Dr. Tirmizi provided us with an overview on medical informatics practice and training education. 

A brief presentation on the status of the Northern Virginia RHIO was also provided by Dr. Leslie Ellwood, who is a key player in this initiative.

Presentations of the speakers are attached.