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Challenges Facing the Healthcare Industry, Electronic Health Records (EHR)

11/16/12  Back

Our meeting on November 16, 2012 featured a discussion of the challenges facing the healthcare industry in the use of electronic health records (EHR), as well as an assessment of the impact of the November 6th elections on the healthcare industry.

The feature topic focused on "Implementation Issues with Electronic Health Records".  The program featured a spokesperson from CMS  who updated us on "the numbers":  how many hospitals and providers have successfully attested to being “meaningful users,” what trends they are seeing, and what implementation issues they are hearing about.  In addition, we had had a presentation from David Miller, Ambulatory IT Director at Virginia Hospital Center, who talked about issues providers are facing with EHR implementation at his institution.  David has worked with dozens of providers to achieve Meaningful Use, and drew upon his experience on the front line.

David Main also briefed the group on what he and his colleagues are seeing on Capitol Hill and DHHS as a result of the election with respect to healthcare reform agendas.

The slide presentation from the CMS speaker is attached.