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Sharing Stories About Health System Successes and Failures

11/18/22  Back

Our November Health TechNet meeting was both an in-person and Zoom event held at Nelson Mullins’ offices in Washington, D.C.

The meeting focused on two subjects: (1) the potential effects of the mid-term elections on healthcare; and (2) sharing personal stories about frustrations and success stories with the healthcare system.

At a recent meeting of the Health TechNet Program Committee, which plans future meetings of our group, we found ourselves venting stories about our latest experiences as patients and caregivers with physicians, hospitals, home care, and other aspects of the healthcare system.  Many of the stories were not just single experiences, but common and emblematic of how even healthcare experts find the system to be unnecessarily difficult and frustrating.  On the other hand, there were examples of miraculously excellent care and positive results due to medical expertise, provider dedication, and new technology.  It occurred to the Committee that to have an open discussion of such experiences among our members would be an interesting and revealing experience, and we decided to do that at our November meeting.