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The Uses of Technology in Eldercare

11/20/09  Back

Our November Health TechNet meeting focused on 1) the management of the H1N1 pandemic and (2) the use of technology in the treatment of seniors.

The meeting featured the presentations of Andrew Carle, who is an award winning Assistant Professor and Founding Director of the Program in Assisted Living/Senior Housing Administration at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia and Erin Thomas, Pandemic Influenza Education Coordinator at Fairfax County Health Department. Mr. Carle provided us with an overview on the use of technology in home and institutional treatment of seniors, an important topic as improvements and efficiencies for Medicare and Medicaid are taking center stage. Ms. Thomas provided us with an overview on the H1N1 challenge and on how to prepare businesses for potential emergencies.

There was also an active discussion on healthcare reform and stimulus bill developments.