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Information Blocking: Dealing with the New Normal in Data Sharing

11/20/20  Back

Our November 20th meeting, which was Zoom call, focused on “Information Blocking: Dealing with the New Normal in Data Sharing.

Implementation deadlines are looming for ONC's information blocking regulation, which promises to change the way healthcare organizations share electronic health information.  Understanding the rules and how they impact your organization is pivotal to your organization's success in the new normal.  During this event, we heard from ONC on the facts and myths about information blocking.  Then we split up into virtual discussion groups to answer more detailed questions and share with each other how we are working to meet the requirements and adjusting to the new normal in data sharing.  The virtual groups were interactive and were led by a discussion group leader who is knowledgeable about the information blocking requirements.  Each group focused on one of the following specific types of actors:


Healthcare Providers
Health Information Exchanges/Health Information Networks
Developers of Certified Health IT
Data Seekers
ONC Speaker: Elise Anthony, Executive Director of Policy

Discussion Group Leaders included:

Genevieve Morris, Senior Director Clinical Interoperability Strategy, Change Healthcare
Kory Mertz, Senior Director, Audacious Inquiry
Jill DeGraff, Aperture Law Group
Paul Shapoin, Asst Vice President Information Services, MedStar Health