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How Does an Institution Sort out Priorities for New Technology Acquisitions?

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Health TechNet’s November meeting addressed how healthcare institutions prioritize new technology acquisitions. 

Our first speaker was Jennifer Horowitz of Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (“HIMSS”). Ms. Horowitz explained the results of the HIMSS Leadership Survey, which assessed healthcare information and technology trends, as well as the priorities of CIOs and CEOs of healthcare organizations. She said that the top priority among CIOs has shifted from HIPAA compliance to patient safety.

Next, Bill Robertson of Adventist Healthcare discussed information technology purchasing priorities from a management perspective. He cited a lack of return on investments and a lack of confidence in implementation success as two of reasons for the difficulties in establishing clear priorities. He offered a solution for some of these concerns, arguing that CEOs should not view information technology strategic plans and business plans as two separate plans with different goals. Instead, the information technology strategic plan should be viewed primarily as a tool to implement the business strategic plan.

Our third speaker was Nancy Little Gosnell, who offered a CIO’s point of view. She advised that the information technology board must be advised by clinicians, so that the information technology will match up with the needs of the clinicians. She said that the CIO should be a member of the healthcare provider’s executive board.

The discussion then shifted to the recent Medicare Conference Agreement. Former Secretary of Health and Human Services Richard Schweiker explained the dynamics surrounding the recent agreement and the political struggles involved.

Our final presenter was Stacey Hayes of DS3. Mr. Hayes discussed the magnitude of data reliance in the healthcare industry. He said that his product offers a way to back up and restore data that is faster, cheaper, and more secure. For more information on DS3, contact Mr. Hayes at

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